Warning Signs

Acknowledging a concern you have about your child’s development is the commendable first step in obtaining early intervention to assist them in reaching their maximum potential. If you notice any of the following, please call our office to schedule an evaluation by one of our highly skilled speech-language pathologists:

  • My child does not babble or attempt to talk by the age of one
  • My child does not consistently produce words by the age of 16 months
  • My child has delayed development of vocabulary, language concepts, and grammar
  • My child does not point to objects as a way of communicating by the age of one
  • My child does not talk or use gestures by the age of two
  • My child’s speech and language is noticeably different than children of the same age
  • My child has a limited sound repertoire or does not produce sounds
  • My child omits the first sound of words
  • My child makes inconsistent sound errors
  • My child’s speech is difficult for those unfamiliar with him/her to understand
  • My child often becomes frustrated when attempting to communicate
  • My child often requires repetition to prompt a response to commands or questions presented
  • My child has a decreased or lack of age-appropriate play skills
  • My child randomly says a word accurately but then fails to use the word again
  • My child has a decreased interest in social situations by the age of 24 months
  • My child has decreased eye contact or cannot maintain eye contact
  • My child has a delayed response time
  • My child has a decreased need to communicate his or her wants and needs to others
  • My child has a lack of imitation skills
  • My child has difficulty with transitions or non-routine events
  • My child exhibits repetitive behaviors
  • My child has a loss of skills that he or she previously mastered

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